Chair Leg Floor Protectors Utilities for Life

Chair Leg Floor Protectors Factors to Consider

When you have a beautifully finished (much more a newly installed, shiny tiled or wooden floor), you would want to keep that great look for a long time. But with pieces of furniture that can get dragged or slide across or on that floor every now and then, your marvelously looking floor will be filled with scratches and dents in no time. But if you have secured the best chair leg floor protectors, you won’t have to worry that much.

You won’t even need those bulky floor mats that will just accumulate dust and dirt throughout the day and will be much of a challenge to clean as well. With the right, stylish chair leg protectors you can secure your floor (and your chairs also) without having to shell out as much money to maintain the overall look What are chair leg protectors? of your floor, whether it be wood, tiles or vinyl flooring.


Although these products are commonly searched online these days, not everyone is familiar with it. These small but very functional pieces of protectors can save you much if you know how to use them. Many would be more familiar with those felt pads that are placed underneath the legs of chairs to prevent them from scratching the surface of floors that are meant to be kept shiny and looking new each day. But there are many different types of chair leg protectors, and it is necessary to know the difference between these types to get ascertain which of the options will be the most suitable for your house and your budget.

Plastic Caps

One of the common options when it comes to chair leg protection are those known as plastic caps. They work quite well since they cover the entire bottom of each chair leg. And as they come in a variety of colors, you can choose those that comes with colors that match the furniture itself.

It is really important to go with caps that match the color of the chair. If not, they will stick out like a sore thumb and it just ruin the look of your furniture pieces. Instead of having a functional and aesthetic chair in your dining or wherever they may be needed, you will find your glance getting caught by those mismatched plastic caps. And this is something that you do not want to happen.

These plastic cap protectors come in different sizes. They are the most cost-effective form of protection that you can use to prevent your floors against damages from the furniture that get constantly dragged across them.

They are not a perfect solution, however. Since plastic is a hard substance, and you have to put these caps on a softer type of wood on your floors, hey can still end up leaving scratch marks on the surface. However, these plastic caps work best on vinyl or tile floors, such as those chairs that are used in traditional classrooms.

Rubber Caps

The other option for chair leg protection is to use caps that are made of rubber. Also known as rubber feet, these leg protectors are much softer than plastic, hence will prevent any scratches from forming at all. They do cost a bit more than plastic caps but will be much better in the long run since you will not have to worry about scratches on the surface of your floors. Rubber feet work best on bar stools or dining room chairs. Since these chairs get moved around a lot and are susceptible to scratching the surface of your floors, they need more protection than the plastic caps can provide.

Felt Pads

The last option that you may consider when looking for the best chair leg protectors is to use felt pads for the bottoms of all the pieces of furniture in your living or work space. You won’t have to worry whether the color of the pads matches those of the furniture since you just need to patch them on the bottom of the foot or edges of the furniture. They will fully cover them without being noticeable at all to anyone who enters the space or get to sit on the furniture.

The Best Chair Leg Protectors

These pads cost the most of all the available options. However, they are well worth the price. They even allow you to slide your furniture across the floor without having to worry of seeing scratch marks on the floor later on. These felt pads work best on any type of furniture. You can use them underneath your sofas, on the bottom of the legs of chairs and tables as well. You will be assured that there won’t be any scratch marks left on your floor’s surface when you have the best chair leg floor protectors where they are needed.